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Hey there, I’m Dimo, a web designer and developer based in Europe.

I specialize in creating fast, stunning websites on Shopify and WordPress. I’m skilled at boosting online visibility and building sites that match your vision.

Let’s team up to create the perfect website for you and your visitors!

Crafting Your Brand's Look - Peevski Technologies

Crafting Your
Brand's Look

Your site mirrors your brand! I’ll style it with colors, fonts, and designs that narrate your brand’s story, making it visually captivating.

Simple & Fun Navigation - Peevski Technologies

Simple & Fun

Finding what you need is easy! I design websites with clear menus and steps for a hassle-free, enjoyable user experience.

Supercharging Your Website's Abilities - Peevski Technologies

Supercharging Your
Website's Abilities

Need to sell or showcase? I’ll incorporate features like online shopping or engaging content that keep your visitors intrigued and connected.

Looks Amazing Everywhere - Peevski Technologies

Looks Amazing

Your site impresses on any device! Whether it’s a phone or computer, your website will always shine on every screen size.

👌 The Perfect Website

Master Your Online Presence

Eye-Catching Design: Your Brand's Look - Peevski Technologies

Eye-Catching Design: Your Brand's Look

Ensure your website mirrors your brand! I’ll guarantee it’s appealing and aligns perfectly with your style, using colors, fonts, and designs that vividly narrate your brand’s story.

Easy to Use: Making Things Simple

I will design your website so people can find what they need easily. No confusing menus or tricky steps. Just a website that’s simple and enjoyable to use.

Website Superpowers: What It Can Do

Need to sell things or show off your work? I’ll add special features that make your website work the way you want. It could be online shopping or cool stuff that keeps people interested.

Fits Any Device: Looks Great Everywhere

Your website will work perfectly on phones, tablets, and computers. No matter the screen size, it will always look awesome.

Fits Any Device: Looks Great Everywhere - Peevski Technologies
Fits Any Device: Looks Great Everywhere - Peevski Technologies

Get Found Online: Being Seen by Search Engines

I’ll help your website show up when people search online. Using the right words and technical stuff, we’ll make sure your site gets noticed.

Safe and Sound: Protecting Your Site

I’ll make your website super secure. All the important information will be safe from bad guys with our special locks and updates.

Easy Editing: You're in Control

Want to change stuff on your site? I’ll give you easy tools to do it yourself. You’ll be the boss of your website!

Always Here for You: Help When You Need It

Even after I finish your website, I’ll still be around to help. I’ll fix any problems and make sure everything keeps running smoothly.

Always Here for You: Help When You Need It - Peevski Technologies
No Surprises: Clear Prices and Dates - Peevski Technologies

No Surprises: Clear Prices and Dates

I’ll tell you exactly how much it’ll cost and when it’ll be done. No hidden fees or unexpected waiting times.

Understanding Your Visitors: Learning from Data

I’ll show you who’s visiting your site and what they do there. This helps you make smart choices to make your site even better.

Complete E-commerce Solutions

I offer a comprehensive suite of services for your online business.

Online Store Development - Peevski Technologies

Online Store Development

Craft modern online stores using Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce. Handle domain registration, hosting setup, and corporate email creation. Deliver a fully functional online store ready to accept customer orders.

Identity and Logo Design

Whether you need a new logo or a rebrand, I’ve got you covered. Create a distinct corporate identity and select the perfect logo to set your business apart.

Identity and Logo Design - Peevski Technologies
SEO Optimization - Peevski Technologies

SEO Optimization

Boost your online visibility on Google, Bing, and Yandex. Implement a strategic sitemap and the right keywords to dominate search engine rankings.

Digital Marketing

Develop a tailored digital marketing strategy. Register and optimize profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube to build social trust. Choose the ideal advertising channels such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Digital Marketing - Peevski Technologies
Business Strategy - Peevski Technologies

Business Strategy

Leverage my knowledge and resources to craft precise and effective business strategies. Tailor strategies to your unique needs, be it situational, competitive, entrepreneurial, adaptive, or other. Achieve solutions that drive growth for both your physical and digital business.

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